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Where our mind silences
 & our heart begins to speak

Music - ”Alight” by Yoha sounds & the Aspects of Meditation

"I was reminded of who I am at the core,  and inspired to achieve what I know I can become. It really felt like Amanda has known the real me my entire life..."

Stephanie - NY, USA

"After the reading, I was blown away by her ability to talk through my life journey and make sense of where I’m at and what to come."

Jordan - FL, USA

“Amanda provided me beautiful insight about my current situation and gave me gentle tips how to reconnect with myself and in a really warm and encouraging way"

Isabella - GERMANY

"The whole experience just allowed me to open up and allow my future to unfold. Also just reaffirming a lot of pieces of myself that I’m really proud of."

Mary-Theresa - NY, USA

" With her warm personality and empathetic ability, you can feel safely taken care of and seen throughout the full session."

Sabina - SWEDEN

" I was extremely blown away and resonated with every part of it, and for someone that has never had a reading before I still believe from things that I have heard that hers was unique and done in a pleasant way."


"It gave me insight to my peronality and where I am in life."

Ashley - TX, USA

"My experience with you was great, I fell a special connection I cant explain. You vibrate in such a high frequency."

Gabriela - SP, BRASIL

"I’m exactly where I’m suppose to be. Thank you for that safe reminder, Amanda."

Rebecca - SWEDEN

" She tapped into my energy so easily and respectful and the way she presented and interpreted was clear and professional."


" Wow, it felt like Amanda was right in front of like and like she already knew me."


"Amandas sessions have been so important to me at this moment of my life where I've been needing support in finding back to my purpose and profession."


"This is truly a gift of love & light. I feel fulfilled with joy & gratefulness that I can’t even explain."


"She completely immerses herself with the divine to make sure that you feel comfortable with what she’s about to unveil and walk you through."

Micheal - NY, USA

" Amanda is such a beautiful and vibrant soul and put a lot of energy and love into my reading. "

Ally - NY, USA

"Amanda’s reading was incredibly welcoming and clear, and didn’t make me feel like I was giving my power away to her cards."

Nick - NY, USA

" The sessions are beautiful and powerful, full of positive energy and light that will guide you through your thoughts and questionings to embrace your life mindfully."

Gloriana - COSTA RICA

" This was my first experience with a psychic and it was beautiful! It left me full of positive energy & clarity for the future, and Amanda has such an amazing energy! "


Meet Me

Welcome to my space!

I am Amanda V. Nordin and I spend most of my time as a my time as a psychic healer & astrologer. Feel free to read more about my life journey. I am grateful to have You here.

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