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My Services

I support you to heal, find clarity, and reconnect with your inner source through therapeutic methods in collaboration with spirit world.  Life is in a consistent movement and we experience many different situations and emotions throughout this earthy life as humans, within & outside ourselves. This can take place in our mind, in our body, or at our life journey. My purpose is to purify the path from any type of blockage or obstacle that's standing in the way from us finding our own sacred inner guide. This is where we can feel inner peace, unconditional love, strong and courageous. We find this state whenever we raise our frequencies by awareness. We find a natural state of mind where we can refill with new pure and highly charged energy.

Our physical, mental and spiritual body are all connected. Therefore, the same energies will represents itself in any type of session that you choose out from your own preference. I will provide you with the healing and insights needed for you to find back to balance & harmony within ALL of your bodies. You will be guided back to your golden path where you feel powerful to walk through life with clarity, acceptance, & love. 


The energies are alive and in a consistent movement. There's not a single session that look-a-like another.​ I am happy to support you finding your preference of healing session as well. Just send me your personal request down below and I will reach back to you asap.

Please, feel free to read my testimonials written by past & beloved clients.

I offer my practice online & live within the different fields...

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This psychic healing session is a transformative journey by itself that will provide you with powerful guidance and messages from the spirit-world. In collaboration with your energy here on earth, my intuition, and the spirits and guides above, we will receive the messages and healing that is meant for you to hear at this very moment. This session will purify your energy on any low vibration or blockage that is standing in your way and thereafter, refill You with new pure highly charged energy from above. You will step out from this session with more clarity, feeling empowered, and fully connected to your inner source and divine essence.


This astrology session is a transformative journey in the universe, listening to the telling of the stars. It will provide you with information based on your own personally astrology-chart which is based on when and where you were born. I will guide you through the chart highlighting your individual superpowers as well as where you should give yourself more love in your life. You will step out from this session with more clarity, feeling empowered, and fully connected to your inner source and divine essence.

"I was reminded of who I am at the core, and inspired to achieve what I know I can become. It really felt like Amanda has known the real me my entire life..." 



"After the reading, I was blown away by her ability to talk through my life journey and make sense of where I’m at and what to come.”



"My experience with you was great, I fell a special connection I cant explain. You vibrate in such a high frequency."

“Amanda provided me beautiful insight about my current situation and gave me gentle tips how to reconnect with myself and in a really warm and encouraging way"



"The whole experience just allowed me to open up and allow my future to unfold. Also just reaffirming a lot of pieces of myself that I’m really proud of."

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