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Feel free to read about my clients experiences.

I am grateful to have the honor to work with each one of you.


Ally Melendez , 25

TV-host & powerful on-air mentor

New York, NY, USA

I am a TV host and mentor for aspiring on-air hosts and broadcasters. I teach women and men how to get rid of their limiting beliefs, own their confidence, sharpen their public speaking skills and ultimately create or land the on-air job of their dreams!


My experience with Amanda was better than anything I could’ve ever expected. Amanda is such a beautiful and vibrant soul and put a lot of energy and love into this tarot card reading.


I was surprised to find that she connected with my grandmother who has passed over! I was not shocked that my grandma came through because her soul is very powerful, but I was shocked at how spot on Amanda was when she was connecting with my grandma. Such a beautiful experience!


Outside of the reading, my experience with Amanda is always so positive and I have recommended her to all of my friends and my mum, who is beyond excited to have her own tarot cards pulled!


If I had to choose one word to describe this experience, it would simply be “Magical”. I am so grateful for Amanda!

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