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Welcome to Longbeach Life!

This is where we share love, joy & laughter.
It is a powerful experience at the south west coast of Sweden. You are surrounded by untouched nature and the beaches of Kattegat. Many of the people who spent some time here describe it as an experience connected with all of the four elements.

We offer our rental weekly during the summer high season. The remaining time of the year we offer our rental according to your desired date minimum 2 nights.

Feel free to send us an email down below and we'll reply as soon as possible. 

Best Regards,
Longbeach Life


The policy of Longbeach Life is very simple and created for the best experience to our guests and respect for this beautiful place. This is a smoking-free area and not a place where partys OR events are accepted without permission of Longbeach Life crew. We request this information from you to inform us within the booking if so is the case.

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